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Execution of Projects in Industries like Oil & Gas, Energy and Chemical is always bound to tight capital and schedule. Management and Control is thereby of crucial importance and needs to be in place as soon as funds are allocated.

As more and more Companies in this Industry are outsourcing their project capabilities to larger Engineering Companies, the control that the Owner has over the execution becomes an increasing professional activity, requiring experienced personnel.

Profrima Services has specialized itself in the area of supporting both Company Management as Project Management in preparing plans for management and control, contracting strategies, selection of Engineering Procurement and Construction Contractors, negotiating contracts and managing of Contractors

As a senior consultant, F van Dormolen has gathered extensive experience in this field through 30 years plus of service years with Dow Chemical in various Plant and Project Management roles on International small and large Projects

A large network of experienced colleagues is available to support these services in any area required to assure the success of your projects.

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Project Execution Strategy

Contracting Strategy

BEC contractor selection

EPC contractor selection Management & Control plan

Schedule Management plan

Cost Management plan

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